About us

We are Nove. For more than 30 years we have been doing what we know best, producing top-quality charcuterie and high-quality ready meals.

We have more than 300 employees, focusing on their development and giving them real opportunities for promotion within the company structure. We draw on the experience of our staff, it is their knowledge and skills that have helped build our success.

Our estimated manufacturing capacity reaches 350-400 tonnes of finished products per week. This places us in the category of a medium-sized FMCG company.

We are part of the German Tönnies Group. This affiliation allows us to benefit from an innovative know-how and gives us access to top-class raw materials.

We are defined by our quality

Our most important principle is to ensure the safety of the food we produce, based on legal standards, internal regulations and, above all, in accordance with consumer expectations.

As a member of an international group, we are certified by a number of independent bodies, which is why we are proud to announce that we have been awarded BRC and IFS certificates. We fulfil a number of conditions required in the certification process with the Crossed Grain logo, BIO, Beter Leven, QS, Initiative Tierwohl or HALAL Europe, thanks to which we can label individual products from our offer with these symbols.


Qualified personnel, access to the top quality raw materials and large manufacturing capacities make us well positioned to provide a very competitive range of products. Our products are successfully sold on the Polish market, however, the vast majority reaches export markets. The production and the sale of our range of products to countries such as Germany, Denmark, France or Spain entails the need to meet the conditions verified by numerous audits carried out by our customers or at their request.

This guarantees that we are able to meet even the most challenging demands set by our Contractors. We have plenty to be proud of. We successfully produce gluten-free, lactose-free and phosphate-free products, without the “E” numbers, such as the well-known Natura line of products on the Polish market. For years we have specialised in the production of convenience or sous vide dishes, our slow-cooked products can be found in many European retail chains. We also successfully produce a poultry range certified by Halal Europe.

We identify with the Nove logo and we can also produce charcuterie for you and your brand.
Try something New from Nove!

We are even closer to Nature.
We consistently use only proven ingredients to provide you with the best composition of the Natura product line.
We have updated the graphic design and the packaging materials contain 20% less plastic (compared to the previous packaging).
We’ve taken care to provide a wide range so you can choose the best of Natura.

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Zakłady mięsne NOVE SP. Z O.O.

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